Costco Delivery

Costco Wholesale Grocery Delivery: Everything You Need to Know
If you love shopping for groceries at Costco but hate the in-store chaos, take advantage of the grocery giant’s convenient delivery options. Here’s everything you need to know about Costco’s grocery delivery service.

t’s no secret that smart shoppers love their Costco membership perks. The warehouse giant not only carries a wide range of products but the savings and deals it offers families can make membership more than worth it. It’s also no secret that shopping at Costco can be, well, frustrating. Shoppers have to deal with the hassle of crowds, long lines, and parking lot chaos. Fortunately, Costco offers two grocery delivery options so you can stock up on your favorite items without leaving your home.

How does Costco grocery delivery work?
Costco members can choose from two grocery delivery options: same-day delivery for all groceries (including fresh, frozen, and household supplies) and a two-day delivery option for non-perishable food and household supplies.

  • Costco Same-Day Delivery via Instacart: If you want your Costco food and goods fresh and want them delivered fast, the same-day delivery option will save you time and headaches. Deliveries (a minimum $35 order is required) are fulfilled by Instacart, a grocery service that delivers perishable items such as dairy and produce, in addition to dry and boxed goods. There are currently about 2,000 Costco products available on Instacart and all eligible items will be listed depending on your ZIP code. You choose a two-hour delivery window for Instacart to deliver your items, and in some markets, you can receive your order in two to three hours. Keep in mind that your Same-Day Delivery cart is separate from the cart, so you must check out your same-day delivery order separately.

The convenience of same-day delivery means item prices are higher than your local Costco warehouse, as they include service and delivery fees charged by Instacart. And although available in most metropolitan areas depending on ZIP code, Instacart is not available everywhere. If delivery is not available in your ZIP code, enter your email and Costco will notify you when service is in your area.

  • CostcoGrocery Two-Day Delivery: CostcoGrocery offers Costco members two-day shipping on non-perishable food and household supplies, including the store brand Kirkland Signature products you can only get at Costco (so you’ll never run out of their best-selling olive oil and chocolate-covered almonds). Item prices for two-day delivery are also higher than your local warehouse, but there is no delivery fee for orders of $75 or more. You can check out your Two-Day Delivery items and items at the same time, although shopping carts are listed separately in the checkout so you can easily see which items have been added to each cart. Orders may only be delivered to one address.

How much does Costco grocery delivery cost?
For same-day delivery, a minimum order of $35 is required. Item prices already include delivery and service fees, but that also means items are more expensive than your local warehouse to cover the fees charged by Instacart. According to Costco, they make no additional profit from the fees. Prices don’t include a tip for the grocery delivery driver. For two-day delivery, Costco doesn’t require a minimum order and doesn’t charge a separate delivery fee on orders of $75 or more. However, items may be available at a Costco warehouse at a lower non-delivered price.

Where is Costco grocery delivery available?
Same-day delivery is available in most metropolitan areas. Enter your ZIP code to determine if delivery is available. If delivery is not currently available, you can enter your email to receive a notification from Costco when service is in your area. Two-day delivery is available nationwide, except Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

What is the delivery timeframe for Costco grocery orders?
For same-day delivery, orders arrive the same day, next day or day of your choice. You can choose a two-hour delivery window, although Costco reminds shoppers that weather or local and/or regional events outside of their control may impact the delivery window. You must be present to accept the delivery. For two-day delivery, orders arrive within two business days. The cut-off for two-day delivery is noon. If you place your order Monday by noon, it will be delivered by Wednesday. Order by noon Tuesday, and your items will be delivered by Thursday, and so on. There are no weekend deliveries.